Blue Marble Portraits

Pictured above, "Buddy" the official mascot of Star Base Projects, gets his Star Base Portrait in front of planet earth. The Blue Marble Portraits namesake was inspired by the name of the famous NASA photograph that is the backdrop for each of these shots.

Here's an excerpt from the Blue Marble Wikipedia page, which reveals some interesting trivia regarding the iconic photograph.

NASA officially credits the image to the entire Apollo 17 crew -- Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Jack Schmitt -- all of whom took photographic images during the mission with the on-board Hasselblad. Although the identity of the specific photographer of the Blue Marble remains unverified, evidence examined after the mission suggests that it was likely Jack Schmitt.

Its also interesting to note, that the photograph is of the continent of Africa, not the United States as it is often presumed.

We used a large-scale print of the photograph mounted on hardboard to create the effect of a three-dimensional planet, and used professional lighting to enhance its three-dimensionality, as well as to hide the twine that it was hanging from (which you may still be able to spot in some of the shots).