Afternoon of Sunday, June 26th

Star Base / Maker Faire

Maker's Faire Kansas City 2011 at Union Station

Star Base Projects participated at the first Kansas City Maker's Faire event in Kansas City, which took place during the weekend of June 25th-26th at Union Station. Thank you to all of the volunteers and stage-work that went into putting together this well-thought out event, and thank you Luis Rodriguez of Maker Faire KC for selecting us, finding a good location to place us, and putting this together. And thank you Steven Chau for suggesting that we be a part of the event, and your awesome poses.

Everybody who participated brought their unique presence, and many found ways to collaborate with the unique movement of the system. Your pictures are featured below, and we invite you to post them to your blog, facebook, and enjoy them at home. To use them for commercial purposes, please contact Enzo Gorlami. Thank you for joining us, and stay in touch by signing up for the invite list.