One with the Universe

Outdoor installation
Conduit pipes, paint

Below is a selection of the hundreds of portraits taken on the day of the event.

Become One with the Universe

This work is a collaborative project between Tex Jernigan, Robert Heishman, Jeff Eaton, Dominique Karwoski, and Matt Peake. It also couldn't have happened without print designer El Bryan, and the help of promoter Just!n Eagan. This also just wouldn't have happened were it not for the hard work of Jordan Johnson, Jared Wilson, Darius Goodson & Matt Cygnet. Also, special thanks to those who drove their cars all over the lawn for the the night shots, Dustin Cockerham, Michael Wickerson, Patti Krueger, Mo Wooler, Ben MCullough, Paul Short, Will Anderson, Jessi Lively, Matt Cygnet, Richard, & Dominique Karwoski. Most of all, thank you to the hundreds of participants, you are the ones who made this.

About the Collaborators

Tex Jernigan was born in Sherman, Texas; raised in Dallas, Texas; and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. After completing his BFA Degree in Sculpture from Kansas City Art Institute in 2007, he embarked on a four month tour of the western United States, creating and exhibiting several installations at sites including the Harveyville Project in Kansas; the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, Nebraska; the Art Farm at Grand Island, Nebraska; Colorado Art Ranch in Durango, Colorado; and Scottsdale Center for Public Art in Scottsdale, Arizona. These sculptural installations combine Jernigan's ongoing interest in perspective with a participatory, performative component, as people are invited to stand, and be photographed within, his illusionistic constructions. Jernigan's work has also been featured in group exhibitions at venues including Stonefox, NYC; Roots and Culture Project, Chicago; Robert Frazier Gallery, Kansas City; and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Dominique Karwoski is a clothing designer, ceramicist, and from Kansas City, Missouri. Karwoski spent time developing her processes in India as well as Alaska, and currently lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. Karowksi received her degree in Ceramics and Fibers from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2008.

Robert Chase Heishman is a writer, photographer, and video artist. His invented photographic techniques include the capturing of images through Braillography, Fistography, and exploration of the soap opera character from which he was named after. Heishman received his B.F.A. in Photography and Art History in 2008 from the Kansas City Art Institute. He created an original decor for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company's Split-Sides (2003), has contributed artwork for Sigur Ros' BA BA TI KI DI DO, and has spoke at Columbia College in Chicago, Kansas University, and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. He held residency at the Charlotte Street Foundation of Kansas City, and is in the photography collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Jeff Eaton is a curator and artist living in Brooklyn. He received a MFA in studio art and a MA in art history from Purchase College, SUNY in 2010. Recent projects include a Curatorial Fellowship from the Neuberger Museum of Art and inclusion in the group exhibition Thinking Photography at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Matthew Peake is a photographer living and working in Riddle, Iowa. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Cum Lade from Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa with an emphasis in video production and graphic design. For two years upon graduation Peake worked as a director of television news at KIMT News Channel 3 in Mason City, Iowa. He moved to Kansas City so he could pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Kansas City Art Institute. Peake interned at Vedros Studios and at The Society of Contemporary Photography both located in Kansas City.

The Process

The illusion of this project is achieved through fixed perspective at a hard angle elevated 14' above ground elevation. To create this radiating illusion, hundreds of galvanized steel pipes were hammered into the ground at various angles across a distance of field. The project, entitled Become One with the Universe, was created with the help of several collaborators and hundreds of participant-collaborators over the course of a few weeks in September. The method for creating this perspective illusion can be seen in other works by Tex Jernigan.