Downtown Arts Luncheon

Can you believe that this picture was taken inside? Can you believe that this picture was taken anywhere? Thanks Andrew Berner for standing in for one of the best pictures taken today. These portraits are from the Annual Downtown Arts Luncheon at the Convention Center in downtown Kansas City. Thank you Robin Trafton, Ann Holliday, and the crew of Downtown Arts Council for everything. Also, many thanks to Gil Brenis of Evenergy and Greg Turcotte at Harvest Productions for all their help getting this together. The project was so smooth, and your portraits are featured below.

This series is called, Sky Base -- it is a collaborative project initiated by artists Tex Jernigan and Jared Wilson. Each portrait is created via long-exposure on a merry-go-round-like apparatus consisting of a rotating pedestal affixed to a camera (patent pending). The result are these sharp portraits surrounded by swirling background. Each portrait is a collaboration between not only the subject and the artists, but also between the audience. Everything behind the subject becomes a swirling of light, including the audience. However, each member of the audience has the ability to add color by waving their cell phone in the air as the portrait is taken. This movement combined with the movement of the mechanism result in these stunning anomalies in the patterned light. (Here's a couple behind the scenes photos).