Star Base at the Biennial

For its 2011 Biennial Art Auction, The Kansas City Art Institute commissioned a private Star Base Experience as a thank you to the guests who forked out hundreds of dollars to participate in the Gala dinner and auction.

For the installation, Tex Jernigan and Jared Walter Wilson created an interactive portrait experience. Participants are photographed on a centrifugal platform. The photographs were transmitted to a computer processor, which converted the images into looping animated gifs, which were then shown in live replay on the TV Screens at the event.

The auction occurs in the early summer at the school every other year, and is one of the best parties hosted in Kansas City.


Below is a selection of the portraits produced by the Star Base Platform



The Star Base was installed west of the Dodge Painting Building. Participating guests signed a model release form so that the images could be displayed on the website and shown in galleries.

The entire duration of the installation and interactive performance was documented by a time-lapse camera, and compiled in a video format, below.

Time-lapse video of the entire evening. Guests stood on the rotating Star Base platform, and were photographed in slow-motion. The images were processed and displayed as animated gifs on screens at the event (that's what people are looking at in the foreground).


Conception and installation by Tex Jernigan and Jared Walter Wilson.
Special thanks to Producer Dominique Karwoski, and a very special thanks to David & Kathy Dowell, and Pam & Gary Gradinger, who underwrote the project.

Made with Busy Susan II.

Music Credit Robert Heishman and Shawn Old: Aperture-Braille Composition.