Sky Base in Overland Park

Star Base Event

Star Base Project by Jared Walter Wilson and Tex Jernigan.

This is a video-compilation of all the animated gif portraits we made, played end to end, from an event we did at an elementary science expo in Overland Park, March 1st 2012. The event was organized by Lisa Fitzpatrick, who brought in some stunning exhibitors, including ourselves of course ;;))

The music from the video is a Carlos Futura cover of Bach's Bacchanal, discovered via The Revival Blog a couple years ago.

One of the most inspirational pieces of feedback we received was from Isaiah Powers, who noted that all of the kids watching their portraits were so wonderstruck by their animated portraits, which he likened to children in the third-world seeing a photograph of themselves for the first time. Disbelief, excitement, and wonder.

Below are the portraits from the event, in sequential order. If you have trouble finding your portrait, or to report any problems, don't hesitate to email Tex at -- Thanks for making the event so much fun!